My name is Mark Byron Dowie and I have been shooting wedding photography for couples in Newcastle and the rest of the North East of England, since completing my masters degree in 2009.


With a mix of formal, photojournalistic and macro photography, I have been covering weddings in an artistic and creative way, producing albums and other keep sakes depending on the needs of brides and grooms.


Shooting weddings is something I am deeply passionate about, because it is the most important day of a bride and groom's life. After all the planning, deliberating, choosing and implementation, all they are left with is their wedding photographs, and it is for that reason, that I give every couple my absolute all.


Working with the bride and groom, to find out what works best for them and what they are comfortable with is one of my favourite aspects of my job. This is because every couple is different and as a result has different tastes in terms of what they would like from their wedding photography. Getting a feel for the bride and groom is essential, in order to deliver to them the sort of photographs, they have been sub consciously or consciously dreaming off their entire lives.


Working with fantastic venues is also a firm favourite of mine, but not just because of the amazing venues that we have in the North East of England, but because of the amazing staff that work at these venues, and their passion for giving the bride and groom the best day of their lives.


I have been fortunate to work with nearly every wedding venue in the Newcastle and the rest of the North East of England, in my time as a wedding photographer, and have had the pleasure to work with some amazing couples on their special day.


I pride myself on my ability to cover the largest and grandest of weddings, but also the smallest and most unique. Every wedding is different, and it is because I still believe that in a passionate way, that I have the enthusiasm and open mindedness to be able to craft my work, to get the very best out of any wedding that I do.   


I absolutely love my job as a wedding photographer and consider it an amazing privilege to be trusted with producing memories of the greatest day of people's lives.


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